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Love and Fame in Fernando Pessoa

George Monteiro

George Monteiro's Love and Fame in Fernando Pessoa is comprised of five essays and an introduction by the author. The subjects of the essays are (1) the poet-critic's long-standing interest in all things Shakespeare, (2) his debts to Edgar Allan Poe's poetry and theories, (3) the poet's long, daring, poem (in English) "Antinous," (4) the Victorian poet Arthur Hugh Clough's influence on Pessoa's poetry, and (5) the Decadent poet Ernest Dowson's influence on Pessoa's writing.

Professor Emeritus of English and of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies at Brown University, George Monteiro continues as Adjunct Professor of Portuguese Studies at the same university. Among his books are Henry James and John Hay: The Record of a Friendship, Robert Frost & the New England Renaissance, The Correspondence of Henry James and Henry Adams, The Presence of Camões, Stephen Crane's Blue Badge of Courage, The Presence of Pessoa, Fernando Pessoa and Nineteenth-Century Anglo-American Literature, Conversations with Elizabeth Bishop, Stephen Crane: The Contemporary Reviews, Elizabeth Bishop in Brazil and After, As Paixões de Pessoa, Robert Frost's Poetry of Rural Life, Reading Henry James: A Critical Perspective on Selected Works, The Hemingway Short Story, and (with Brenda C. Murphy) Eugene O'Neil Remembered. He has published translations of the poetry of the Portuguese writers Jorge de Sena, Fernando Pessoa, Miguel Torga, and Pedro da Silveira, as well as the prose of José Rodrigues Miguéis, Jorge de Sena, and José Saramago. He has published three books of poetry, The Coffee Exchange, Double Weaver's Knot, and The Pessoa Chronicles: Poems, 1980-2016, along with 38 School Street: A Memoir.