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Colony, Cult and Culture

Alfredo Bosi

Edited by Pedro Meira Monteiro, Princeton University

Translated by Robert P. Newcomb, University of California Davis

Colony, Cult and Culture is an extraordinary reflection on the process of colonization, on the meanings of domination, of cultural resistance and negotiation in colonial and postcolonial societies. Departing from the roots of the word "colony," Alfredo Bosi investigates how cultural phenomena develop on a complex space that is neither purely erudite nor simply popular, and how a whole culture is to be found "beyond the pale of writing." "Culture" and "cult" are the forces that point to the future and to the past, conditioning the agency of those who struggle among the remains of colonial power. Through its theoretical depth and its moral and political engagement, this book welcomely brings fresh air to the discussions on postcolonialism and popular culture, making available for the English-speaking reader a fundamental essay of Latin American imagination.

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